Inky Dreams

scheduled/ on the waiting list

specific artist

unknown artist

  • compass rose on left wrist
  • miasma on left ribs
  • language tree full back piece
  • bluejay on collarbone (on extended branch from back piece)
  • jellyfish on calf (more than one? two big ones, lots of little filler ones?)
  • blank to-do list on left hand
  • portraits of my furbabies
  • pink lemonade moth
  • flowers on neck
  • heart "on my sleeve"
  • Dallas skyline reflecting the Toronto skyline, fading into a soundwave
  • "ANDY" on sole of right foot
  • space-themed chest piece
    • Luna moth boob bridge
    • moon
    • rocket
    • Heart and Soul nebulae?

vague ideas

  • Beauty and the Beast rose
  • octopus
  • funnel clouds
  • Garfield, Pookie, & Nermal (filler)
  • something food-related
  • tarantula
  • Columbia and Borealia/Miss Canada as sisters... art nouveau/deco style?
  • something with wings
  • knux
  • palms


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