Tuesday, September 30, 2014

furbabies || new house, new kitty!

Josh and I have different opinions about the acceptable number of cats per square feet. He says two cats are more than enough in 1050sqft, I disagree and try to convince him to adopt an entire litter of kittens. As such, I expected to have to be the one to bring up adopting another cat once we moved into the house, but he surprised me! One Sunday he turned to me and said, "We need another kitty," and by the next day, we had another kitty! Meet Zachary Meowigan-Cats! We've been naming our kitties on a Gremlins theme, somewhat. Phoebe Cates (Phoebe Cats's namesake) and Zach Galligan are the starring couple in Gremlins 1 and 2, and Kate Beringer (Katie Purringer-Cats's namesake) is Phoebe Cates's character's name. Josh and I share a ridiculous amount of interests, but most of the movies and shows that we both like were not shared childhood interests. One or both of us acquired said interests as adults. As such, the nostalgia/mush factor is pretty low. Gremlins 1/2 are one of the few things that Josh and I both enjoyed as children. I was reading up on Halley's Comet while we were thinking of a new name for Phoebe (whose name was Hallee at the time) and ended up wiki-clicking through to Saturn's moon, Phoebe, at which point Josh suggested Phoebe Cats. And a theme was born! Zach was born sometime in early April (we're saying April 6th), so he's still pretty young, but he's the same size as (full-grown) Katie, and his paws are even bigger than Phoebe's! We suspect (and hope, hahah) that he will grow up to be gigantic. He's seriously the sweetest kitty. He sat in my lap the entire 45-minute car ride home! He got a little restless now and then, but was easily convinced to sit back down. He did start meowing about half an hour in, poor kitty.
Phoebe's glare at Zach's oblivious back sums up their current relationship

Phoebe hates him, of course, but she's reacting way better than she did when we first brought Katie home.
Katie watching the proceedings from a safe distance

Speaking of Katie, we brought Zach home on Monday, and by Friday they were already playing! Just chasing each other around at this point, but I wouldn't be surprised to see them wrestling sometime soon, and then hopefully wrestling will lead to cuddling and if I see them cuddling I will seriously die. Speaking of cuddling, Zach is such a cuddlebug! He'll give you the raspiest meows and then reach up at you, and if you crouch down to his level, he will rub his face against yours as hard as he possibly can, hahah. He just loves being petted, and maybe I'm just interpreting to suit my own interests, but occasionally he even asks to be picked up. Anyone else adopt any new furbabies lately? Maybe some featherbabies or scalebabies? (these are probably not words anyone uses but oh well!)

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