Liz Cook half-sleeve

A half sleeve (left arm) from Liz Cook! I gave her a few elements I liked:

  • hair/ribbons
  • skeletons/bones
  • draping fabric/fabric folds
  • animals/plants/nature
  • art nouveau
  • art deco

I also mentioned Alfons Mucha and J.C. Leyendecker, but I think we might save those for a future tattoo, because her assistant/intern/person who answers her emails mentioned this in the response:

Liz would be interested in doing your piece. She has several ideas, including doing a pre existing Mucha, or doing an original sleeve idea that she's had rolling around in her head that consists of bones, ribbons, pearls, and animal skulls.

That original idea is obviously perfect for me, she must be psychic ('8 I'm on the waiting list, which can be a year or two unless a cancellation opens something up for me. She also charges a bit more than the other artists I've looked at ($200/hr vs $150/hr), but her work is absolutely gorgeous and she even has her own line of inks from Eternal Ink, so I'm pretty sure she earns every dollar of it!

Some of her past pieces:

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