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I'd been considering making a 2014 goals permalink at the top of the blog, but recently I found The Little Big Blog, which has a "Life List" permalinked (I kind of want to be besties with Carrie Anne; when asked what Star Trek character she would be, she answered Garak. A Trekkie after my own heart!).

This idea appeals to me way more than yearly resolutions; this way I can add goals as they occur to me, weed out goals I've decided aren't as important to me, and track progress on everything else (:

  • Buy a DSLR camera and start shooting! DONE.
  • Start shooting film
  • Decide on a tattoo artist DONE.
  • Get at least one more tattoo!
  • Get a second conch piercing
  • Do the splits- front and side!
  • Buy skating gear and start attending the roller derby rec league practices
  • Get into pole fitness/dancing/whatever they're calling it these days
  • Strengthen those internal hip rotators enough to see a difference in my default footing
  • Use a foam roller on my IT band regularly
  • Start taking better care of my skin
  • Blog regularly! I'm talking "schedule" regularly, here
  • Play more board games!
  • Have a reasonable amount of money put away, and leave it put away
  • Declutter enough that I wouldn't be embarrassed to have my mother over
  • Brush up on my Spanish
  • Brush up on my French
  • Learn German
  • Learn Italian or Portuguese
  • Learn Korean
  • Learn a sign language
  • Go on a road trip with Josh
  • Finish my box of knitting/crochet WIPs
  • Knit a sweater
  • Try hooping
  • Try aerial silks
  • Successfully comb a beach on every ocean
  • Successfully grow vegetables
  • Successfully grow cotton
  • Spin and dye my own yarn
  • Add some more dishes to my cooking repertoire
  • See the Presidents of the United States in concert
  • Own (and dance to) a Wurlitzer 1015 jukebox
  • Save up for, plan, and successfully execute a tropical honeymoon
  • Meet Jack Black because he seems like a hilarious dude to hang out with
  • Swim with some or other kind of animal. Dolphins, sea turtles, otters, giraffes, whatever!
  • Adopt a dog
  • See Jim Gaffigan live
  • Purchase an authentic Hopi kachina doll
  • Grow my hair long enough to have a thick braid down to my collarbone
  • Stretch my ears to 00g
  • Go scuba diving
  • Go rock climbing (like, on actual rocks)

Happy listing!

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