Monday, September 22, 2014

life n'stuff || houses, lay-offs, and rollercoaster rides

A lot has happened recently. For one, Josh and I are now homeowners! We are absolutely in love with our new home, as are the kitties. I will definitely be posting more photos soon! Not today, though. This post is about life changes, yo. Before we had even made our first mortgage payment, I was part of a series of lay-offs. The first day was pretty rough, emotionally, but I am lucky to have incredibly supportive friends; I had people reaching out to me about openings at their company almost immediately. I was officially unemployed for a grand total of nine days. Nine days! In this economy, that is nothing short of a miracle, and I am beyond grateful.

My last two jobs, spanning about four years, were in software quality assurance. I enjoyed my time in QA, but honestly, I'd been dreaming of a change. In my first few days of unemployment, I told Josh that I wanted to be able to look back and say that getting laid off was a positive thing- and now I can! I got a job as a marketing assistant with the first company I did QA work for. The duties are demanding in a way that's new to me, but I'm loving every second of it! The great part is, I already know half the people at the company! The first week or so, I was constantly running into someone who recognized me and was confused about why I was there, hahah.

At my previous job, I had a company-owned laptop that I basically used as my personal computer, since my desktop died a year ago or so. I did all my (admittedly rare) blogging from that laptop, yet another reason for the lack of updates. I'd love to fix up my desktop (and I know I can, it's just one of those things that I'll get around to "eventually"), and I think I'm going to have to, since a laptop is just not in the budget. Until then, I'll likely be blogging from Josh's computer.

I don't know what happened to my background image. IIRC, it used to be large enough that it didn't need to tile, but now it's tiling... and awfully, at that. I'll work on getting that fixed.

That's about it! New house, got laid off, got a new job... hold on. I knew I forgot something. After "new house" but before "laid off", we may have acquired a new kitty. Maybe. Perhaps he will show up on the blog soon. Who knows? (:


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