Tuesday, June 10, 2014

urbex || the meat-packing plant

The photographer Niesho and I met at the abandoned incinerator suggested we check out a meat-packing plant nearby. It was even cooler than the incinerator! We "packed" a lunch (from Whataburger) and off we went!

The ceiling was caving in in a lot of areas. Just like in the incinerator, there was tons of graffiti, ranging from beautiful and thought-provoking to crude and vulgar.
Yes, that's definitely Arthur Read in gold. Dicks. Dicks everywhere. Niesho and I agreed this was probably meant to convey a dick going into a butt. "Just Another Dumb Name You Won't Remember..." "Lowlah! Help me! Im going Nuts"

This building has been abandoned for over fifty years, so nature had had plenty of time to creep back in. Turns out the cave-ins were likely due to all the trees growing on the roof!
That's Fort Worth in the background, I believe. A guard tower at a meat packing plant?

There were several other buildings, but we decided they could wait. I'm sure we'll be visiting this place again sometime, it was too gorgeous not to! When I saw this star on the ground in front of an elevator, it seemed familiar. Maybe I'm imagining the similarity, but to me, it looked a lot like the plaque outside the Fort Worth Stockyards! There was a hole in an exterior wall near an elevator that really caught my eye. I love the way someone took the time to paint individual bricks different colours. This feels like a secret passageway to Wonderland or Narnia or something ❤︎ All in all, it was a pretty exciting adventure! We ran across a guy and a gal that were staging an amateur photoshoot- smart idea, the building definitely makes for an interesting backdrop!

Niesho and I got a chance to catch up, too, which is nice. We've been best friends since I spotted her in her goth garb across the gym in grade 9 (I desperately wanted to be a goth in high school so I was instantly enamored of her hahah), but we don't see each other as much these days. That crazy person is somehow balancing two jobs, school, and a six-year-old, which (obviously) doesn't leave a huge amount of free time, plus we live 45min apart (90min when the traffic's bad, which it often is). We found a nice spot by an exterior door on the second or third floor and just sat and ate and talked. I took hundreds of pics, and while I managed to pare that down to 79, that's still way too many for one post! So, you can see the rest of the photos in my Flickr album.

I'll end with my favourite photo. Happy adventuring!

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