Monday, June 2, 2014

crafty things || Breaking out of slumps with YARN

I have been in a mad slump the past few weeks, in more than one way. I just got into that state where I don't want to do anything except melt into the couch and watch Netflix until my parents' the subscription runs out.

But that's bullshit!! I picked one of my too-many hobbies (crafting, in this case) and decided to crochet a granny square for every blog I subscribe to... (more on that further down).

So here's the first one, for Elycia of ❤︎elycia! Forgot to take a pic after I did the eyes/beak/feet, derp. Rest assured, that is an owl! (Pattern from here) I chose the colours based on her profile pic (I absolutely love her hair in this pic!) Of course, as soon as I started that project, unrelated inspiration struck and I ended up making a handful of shotglass bowl cozies. I'll be lucky to make a half-dozen sales in the next year, but I went ahead and opened an Etsy shop, because why not? I'll be entering items after work today.

My desk chair is a beautiful cream-coloured wooden beast, and as such the seat is not too comfy. My butt is some strange, unattractive combination of lumpy and bony that manages to both A) not be very impressive and B) provide ZERO cushioning! So I started on a seat cushion from a pattern from Pierrot Yarns, a Japanese company with some pretty cute designs. I started with an F hook (3.75mm), but I eventually realized that my butt is way too big for how small a cushion that would produce... so I had to frog about 300 stitches! I'm sure other knitters/crocheters know my pain. But hey, that's life! The green arrows point out where four rounds with an F hook got me. The peach arrows show four rounds with an H hook, the size I settled on. Fortunately this pattern works up pretty quick, so even though I unravelled all four rounds of the creme piece, it's already up to round 10! Bonus shot of Phoebe, who loves yarn almost as much as I do... much to my dismay (definitely had to pull about three feet of yarn out of her inch by inch once, and don't even get me started on the Yarnpoop Incident...).

So I only made one granny square before I gave up on the whole shebang. But listen, I have reasons! D: The entire idea was to get me back into crafting... which it obviously did! And besides, pretty sure ❤︎elycia is the only crochet blogger I follow (most of them are nail polish blogs, hahah), soooo.... yeah. I'm sure I'll start up a big granny square project eventually, I just have plenty of other things to occupy my time for now.

Have I mentioned I love yarn?? Sometimes I forget but then I open up my craft cabinet and remember, because duh, yarn fucking rules.

Happy crafting!

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