Tuesday, June 24, 2014

framily || Jake and Daisy

Meet Jake! A few years ago, I would have introduced him as "my" dog. I've since moved out of my parents' house, so I don't get to maintain that fantasy anymore! He's my parents' dog, but that certainly doesn't make him any less amazing.

He has a thing about cameras, though. I spent thirty seconds trying to get him to look at the camera, and then he tried to eat it... Oh, Jake. He loves his tennis balls. Sit, Jake! Okay, go free. I love this dog, he's such a goofball ❤︎

My parents' lot actually extends a few feet beyond the fence, so I was a little surprised to see a random dog in what was technically my parents' yard, hahah. It seems that the people in the lot behind my parents' recently adopted a dog named Daisy. Jake couldn't be happier!
Randomly looking evil. Playing through the fence.

I love my parents' backyard. It's huge and absolutely filled with plants. My mum put a lot of hours into it, but it's mostly my dad's labour of love. He's definitely the green thumb in the family! The main focus of the yard is the pool, obviously. Jake absolutely loves getting in the pool! He used to jump in whenever the urge struck him, but drying him off is a chore, so my parents taught him not to go in without express permission (he's such a good boy! I seriously love this dog).

My dad taking Jake's collar off so it doesn't get wet. Middle of Texas, and he's got on a Toronto Blue Jays shirt, a Toronto Maple Leafs cap, and blue and white shorts to match them both. So Canadian it hurts, hahah. When Jake was younger, he used to leap in. Now, he kind of just steps down into the water, hahah. Waiting for my dad to get in. My dad was throwing balls for Jake, and I managed to snap a pic just before one conked him on the noggin. This is what Jake looks like anytime he's paddling around. He must think he's swimming in a giant water dish or something, because he seriously does this the entire time he's in the pool. It's a saltwater pool, so the only potential health issue I'm aware of is dehydration, and he always has plenty of fresh water available, so we're content to just laugh at him for being a goof.

My dad's a big fan of balancing things on Jake's head, hahah. Unfortunately, Jake's not the best at this sort of thing... Don't worry, he got it after a few more tries ;) I tried making a gif, but it didn't turn out so well, hahah. Oh well, here it is anyway! Anyone else's pets love getting into the water?


  1. Wowza! That pool looks divine! I haven't been in a pool in a loooooonnnggg time.
    The picture of Jake in which he is going for the tennis ball and his mouth is gaping open just cracks me up! Much derp.
    Btw, the gif is awesome!

    1. I know, their pool is amazing! Josh and I definitely took advantage of it on the 4th, hahah. Jake is so derp it hurts sometimes, honestly.

      Thx, I guess I shouldn't be disappointed considering I've made like 5 gifs ever. Practice makes perfect!


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