Wednesday, April 30, 2014

urbex || the incinerator

I'm always late to the party, mainly because I don't know the party exists at first! I had never heard of urban exploration until recently, but it tickled a fancy I had apparently been harbouring all along. Niesho was just as interested, and together we decided to check out an abandoned incinerator!

The incinerator. There was a lot of graffiti, obviously. Some of it was thought-provoking: And some of it, not so much: Some of the art was simple: And some of it was more complex, or colourful, or just well-blended: Sadly, a lot of the nicer pieces had been painted over: You jelly of someone's artistic abilities, cuz? My photography, as evidenced by these photos, leaves a lot to be desired (that's okay, I'm still learning!). You can barely see the giant owl on the far wall here: It must have been quite lovely before someone scribbled all over its face. I stuck my head in the oven on the left on a whim, and found this inside: Perhaps a farewell to Selena? That was only nineteen years ago, after all, and this building has obviously been abandoned at least that long.

Interestingly enough, we weren't the only people there! There was a (small) professional photo shoot going on, as we suspected when we saw the clothes hanging up outside: I hope they don't mind that I snuck a pic of the model's feet! It was such an amazing trip. There was a piece of machinery in there that was actually still going! I tried to take a video buuuuuut my camera wasn't cooperating (read: I couldn't figure out how). Briefly considered climbing up here until I remembered I'm scared of dying: Peephole to the floor below: There was a lot of broken glass outside (hardly surprising), but there was a fair amount of broken ceramic/pottery, too: We saw a bunch of these weird balls everywhere: They were some kind of dried fruit... I wonder what they were! Stealth shot of Niesho: "You're not taking a picture of me, are you?" We had an absolute blast, and agreed we had to do it again sometime! The photographer from the photo shoot actually suggested a place nearby when he learned we were just there to check out the building/graffiti/etc, so this definitely isn't the last set of urbex photos that will appear on this blog, hahah.

If there's one thing I learned from this trip, it's that I apparently can't hold my camera straight to save my life! I ought to have brought my tripod, anyway, but I'll try to be more aware of that in the future.

Hope you're having adventures of your own!

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