Wednesday, February 26, 2014

green things || Off to a Rough Start...

I like plants, but they don't like me. I tend to kill them... (accidentally, of course!) The internet informs me that succulents are a bit hardier than the average flower, so when I saw a huge display of them at Home Depot, I jumped right on that bandwagon! Here, have some pictures of plants.
Of course, Phoebe has to check them out first.
I tried to limit myself to one or two... but look how pretty they are!
A leaf fell off the Baby Toes during transplanting. How cool is this thing?
Phoebe feigning disinterest in a box of gardening supplies.
I tried Phoebe-proofing the plants by clipping mesh over the front of my lightbox.
The things I do to keep Phoebe from killing herself...
After the lightbox failed. Transplanting...
Phoebe, eagerly watching me replate her dinner... ಠ_ಠ
Rainbow pencil crayons...
... become rainbow anti-Phoebe stakes! (:
"C'mon, don't you trust me?"
I can't believe I ever thought Phoebe would stay off the lightbox... I caught her caving it in with her fat butt not ten minutes after I set it up. So I tried deterring her with stakes... guess how well that worked.
Proof that I still place way too much trust in Phoebe.
Until I come up with a solution, these poor, battered things will be staying on a sunny, cat-free windowsill at my office. I wish I could just leave the top off, but I'd end up catching her with the "Gollum" Jade plant sticking half out of her piehole, I just know it. (Jade plants are toxic to cats, or so I've read)

That said, oh my gosh how adorable are those lithops?? Something about those rounded edges and that pebbly softness just screams "cute" at me- but then, a lot of things scream "cute" at me. Miniatures, skeletons, spiders, powder coating (what?)...

I have to assume the Baby Toes get their name from the "toenails" at the end... I'm not really a fan of babies nor toes, but fortunately, Wikipedia mentioned that they're also called Window Plants, which is a lot nicer-sounding. Seriously, though, this is possibly the most impressed I've ever been with a plant... too bad the Plantsbane Phoebe sat on it. Hopefully it and the kalanchoe will recover with some time away from her.

And yes, I do my gardening inside, because it's really cold out and I'm a wimp. I'm sure my light-coloured carpet (and landlord) are totally fine with this, but let's not tell them just to be safe. (We wouldn't want to bother them.)

I'll end with a photo of a cat that isn't obsessed with murdering plants.

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