Thursday, February 13, 2014

goals || Extremely Late Goals for 2014

I initially told myself I wasn't going to make any resolutions this year, with the idea that giving myself set time frames for things I don't want to do leads me to procrastinate and either do a rushed, botched job, or drop it altogether.

Then I realized I was trying to avoid my avoidance problem! And that's just silly (:

I've always had a "should" mindset about resolutions in the past, but I read an article lately that talked about how "should" is a form of self-hate (telling oneself that one "should" do x, y, or z is basically saying there's something wrong with oneself if one doesn't x, y, or z). It hit pretty close to home, and I really ought to dig it up and reread it.

So instead of focusing on resolutions, I'm focusing on goals- something I want to achieve, instead of just something I think I should do, because "should" has never done anything for me.

So here are my goals, in no particular order!

Goals for 2014

  • Buy a DSLR camera and start shooting! I've wanted a nice camera forever, but I bought a point-and-shoot because I'm cheap. No more!! I'm thinking about a Canon Rebel T3i
  • Start shooting film
  • Decide on a tattoo artist
  • Get at least one more tattoo!
  • Get a second conch piercing
  • Do the splits
  • Buy skating gear and start attending the roller derby rec league practices
  • Get into pole fitness/dancing/whatever they're calling it these days
  • Strengthen those internal hip rotators enough to see a difference in my default footing
  • Use a foam roller on my IT band regularly
  • Start taking better care of my skin
  • Blog regularly! I'm talking "schedule" regularly, here
  • Play more board games!
  • Have a reasonable amount of money put away, and leave it put away
  • Declutter enough that I wouldn't be embarrassed to have my mother over

I think I might make a permanent goal list link at the top of the blog or something, because I feel like I'll be adding to it a lot, and it'd be nice to check items off as I go.


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