Sunday, February 16, 2014

the hoard || "I'm not a hoarder, I'm a collector!"

One of my main goals where this blog is concerned is documenting my attempts to declutter my apartment. It's pretty terrible.
The view from the doorway.
Venturing in a bit further.
To the right of the couch.
There's more behind the couch, sadly...
In front of the closet.
The desk.
Standing on the desk chair, looking back toward the closet.
The surface of the desk.
Remember that closet door? If you manage to get past the pile of crap in front of it, here's what you'll see...
The view from the closet doorway. Can you spot Phoebe?
Peeking into the closet. Phoebe dashes in here every time I open the door.
So there you have if. The rest of the apartment is pretty respectable, actually- I intentionally moved the bulk of the clutter into the back room; gathering it all in one place makes it feel more manageable. Plus, having our entire apartment look like a shantytown was kind of making Josh and I a little depressed.

These photos were taken on a point-and-shoot by someone with zero camera experience in an apartment with basically no lighting... Sorry about that, hahah (:



  1. I'm glad that I'm not the only one! I struggle to find the time to do simple things such as putting away laundry or unpacking a box that has been waiting for me over a year. It's pretty ridiculous. Now I don't feel so alone! We can do this! *thrusts fist into air*

    1. I know! It feels like keeping things tidy should just come seamlessly with being an adult, but it's so difficult for something that should be so simple! This will be the year, though! (: /fistbump


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