Tuesday, March 18, 2014

furbabies || Katie Turns One Year Old!

Man, what happened? I was updating at least once a week and then... nothing. I totally had an excuse!... for the first five days. After that, I got nothing. But! I'm back on the bandwagon! I tend to completely abandon things, so the fact that I've come back to this at all after avoiding it for a few weeks speaks volumes! Hold on a sec, still patting myself on the back over here...

Katie turned 1 on March 6th! Hard to believe she's been with us nine months. She's still small, but nowhere near as tiny as she was when we first brought her home! Proud papa (: She looks petite next to Phoebe- but maybe that's for the best. Less bulk makes getting away from the PhoeBeast easier! I love Phoebe, but there is no denying she is a total bully to Katie! Which is why I only have a handful of photos of them together ): My cats are my babies. I know there are plenty who would mock me for it, buuuuut I flipped the (metaphorical) bird to the haters and threw Katie a birthday party! I was in Saskatoon visiting my grandmother on the 6th, so we had it the weekend before. I made some "cakes" using this recipe. There was even a party guest- Katie's boyfriend, Neo! He wasn't that interested, to be honest. I packed some into a doggie bag for his brother and sister at home, though, and I'm told they were much more pleased! They all met when some friends watched Katie for me while I was out of town. They sent me more than 100 photos that week, and it is going to be so difficult not to just post all of them, hahah. I'll try to keep it reasonable (; Judy and Katie napping (: "Wut?" "HAY! i luv yu :3" See? Totally in love (; "mwah!" lol jk, he's def biting her face Happy Tuesday!

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